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Family Business research

It has been a busy 2 weeks in France for the STEP Project! This past week in Nantes, the STEP team at Audencia Business School hosted a fantastic Theory in Family Firms Conference organized by STEP members Miruna Radu Lefebvre and Kathleen Randerson. The event was attended by over 25 international scholars. The 2 day event event included a ‘speed-dating’ style networking session to get to know one another and presentations with 20 slides in 20 seconds format along with engaging sessions. In addition, the STEP France team at Audencia Business School hosted a meeting with other European STEP members to discuss the development of the STEP survey and to map common areas of expertise and interests within team members to further foster collaborations.

He mainly applies those questions to cases of diversity and social entrepreneurship. Adnan Maalaoui is the author of 20+ articles published in academic journals. Likewise, he is the author of articles published in professional journals, and in edited books. Adnane is also the author of a series of French speaking MOOCs on entrepreneurship.

And this week it’s time to start the STEP EU REGIONAL ACADEMIC MEETING in Nice, France hosted by STEP Co-Director Andrea Calabrò at IPAG Business School on April 16-17, 2018. STEP members are looking forward to 2 days of to connect and engage while collaborating and contributing strategic views to set the stage for STEP research.

Attendees of this event include EU STEP scholars from Audencia Business School, University of Lugano, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta University of Technology, ESADE, University of Bergamo, Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Babson College, of course, IPAG Business School, hosts of the event. Lastly, we are excited to welcome 2 new STEP scholars to the project from Tilburg School of Economics and Management: Astrid Kramer and Brigette Kroon joining the the Netherlands STEP team,

STEP members below (left to right: Astrid Kramer, Gianluca Colombo, Andrea Calabrò, Mara Brumana, Brigette Kroon and Kathleen Randerson) enjoyed a superb welcome dinner on April 15, with amazing views of beautiful Nice, France just as the sun was setting beyond the mountains.